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When you’re missing teeth, it can create a domino effect of misalignment, further tooth loss, inflammation, infection, and other serious issues. At our dental office, Sharon restorative dentist Dr. Alla Agamov offers full and partial dentures in Sharon as a quick and affordable way for patients to restore their smiles. Many patients who want to replace missing or irreparable damaged teeth run into issues such as costs and time. Dentures are convenient solutions to tooth loss that will restore your healthy smile in no time.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are false teeth set into a gum-colored base to replace missing teeth. They’re customized to perfectly imitate the look of a natural smile. At Alla Agamov, DMD, we offer a variety of denture solutions.

An older gentleman smiling after getting dentures in Sharon.

Full Dentures vs. Partial Dentures

The main difference between full and partial dentures is the number of teeth they replace. Full dentures restore entire arches of missing teeth. Full dentures depend on suction and adhesives for support. Partial dentures replace a few teeth in an arch and are ideal for patients missing scattered teeth. They rely on your surrounding teeth for support, latching onto them with small hooks that hold them in place.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Affordable: Full and partial dentures in Sharon are an affordable option for many dental patients.
  • Easy Maintenance: You can care for dentures easily.
  • Fast Treatment: You may qualify for immediate dentures, which can be placed on the same day as any necessary extractions.
  • Improved Speech Clarity: Full and partial dentures prevent lisps and other speaking impairments caused by tooth loss.
  • Supports Your Facial Muscles: Full and partial dentures restore support to your facial muscles and preserve the shape of the face.
  • Increased Confidence: Full and partial dentures fully restore the look of your teeth, so you can take pride in your smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

For patients who want unmatched stability from their dentures, Dr. Agamov offers denture stabilization or implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures use a minimal amount of implants to keep your dentures in place. With denture stabilization, patients can enjoy all the benefits of implants and the convenience of dentures.

The Full and Partial Dentures Process

Initial Consultation

Unless you’re opting for implant-supported dentures, the process for dentures in Sharon will remain mostly the same. Before getting your dentures, your Sharon, MA restorative dentist will have you attend an initial consultation. Your initial consultation will consist of a thorough exam, X-rays, a review of your medical history, and questions about your smile goals. They’ll also tell you about your other options and offer sedation dentistry options if you’re feeling nervous.

Designing Your Dentures

If you’re approved for dentures, we’ll take images and impressions of your smile. These will serve as the blueprints for your full or partial dentures.


To prepare your smile for dentures, you may need to have certain teeth extracted to make room for them. You may also need teeth pulled if they’re too damaged to repair and need to be replaced. You’ll return to our Sharon dental office for your permanent dentures once your mouth and jaw have finished undergoing their post-tooth loss changes.

Immediate or Conventional Dentures

Depending on your needs, you may receive immediate dentures in Sharon while waiting for your conventional dentures. Immediate dentures, or same-day dentures, are available after any necessary extractions take place. They help ensure you don’t go toothless while you’re waiting on your permanent or conventional dentures.

Immediate dentures don’t take into account the changes your mouth will undergo due to resorption the way conventional dentures do. You’ll likely need to have your immediate dentures adjusted multiple times as the shape of your mouth and jaw changes.

Placing Your Full or Partial Dentures

Once your dentures are ready, you’ll return to our Sharon dental office. Dr. Agamov will show you your denture restoration and check the fit to make sure it’s comfortable. Your dentist will show you how to wear your new dentures and give you specific instructions on how to care for them. She’ll likely have you return for follow-up visits, but once you have your dentures, you can start enjoying your new smile. Schedule a consultation today for your dentures in Sharon.

Before & After Results

I realize I'm reviewing a dentist as it is rarely an enjoyable experience but this office is not the norm. The office manager Rose is extremely accommodating, knowledgeable and always energetically pleasant. Steph, the dental assistant will hopefully never leave now that I've finally found a dentist that has removed all of my fear. I need so much work done and I truly no longer dread the time I spend working on getting my teeth back to where they need to be.

-Karen B.


How much do full and partial dentures cost?

The cost of full and partial dentures depends on various factors, such as which dentures you get, whether or not you receive immediate dentures and your insurance coverage.

Contact your insurance provider beforehand to confirm what they will or won’t cover. For patients who need help affording their denture restorations, ask your dentist if their office offers financing options.

How long do full and partial dentures last?

Full dentures tend to last five to 10 years, while partial dentures tend to last an average of 15 years. This time frame can also vary based on the materials used for your dentures in Sharon. The most important factor in the longevity of your denture restorations is how well you care for and maintain them.

How do I care for my full or partial dentures?

  1. Brush and floss any remaining teeth before putting your dentures in.
  2. Clean your dentures every day with a toothbrush and denture toothpaste.
  3. Soak your dentures overnight in water or a specially-made cleaning solution.
  4. Rinse your dentures thoroughly after taking them out and before putting them back in.
  5. Clean your dentures after you eat.
  6. See your dentist at least once every six months for dental exams and maintenance.
  7. Avoid using bleach, harsh bristles, or hot water to clean your dentures.

What are full and partial dentures made of?

Full and partial dentures are made of a wide variety of materials such as acrylic, metal, and porcelain. Your denture provider will go over the materials used for your dentures during your consultation. They’ll make sure to talk to you about your other options if you have allergies or other health issues that would make certain materials potentially harmful to you.

Enjoy Complete Smile Restoration from A Denturist Near You

We have the experience and equipment for top-of-the-line dentures in Sharon. For patients who need a fast, simple, and affordable way to restore their smiles, Dr. Agamov is ready to help. We offer reliable denture restorations to patients from Sharon and surrounding areas such as Stoughton, Foxborough, and Canton, MA.

To learn more about dental restorations, contact our Sharon, MA, dental office. You can also request an appointment by clicking the button below, and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly.

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