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Tooth loss is a problem that affects over 178 million Americans. At the office of Dr. Agamov, we want our patients to understand that when you’re missing one or more teeth, they need to be replaced. We offer dental implants in Sharon to resolve this. The reason our dentists are adamant about resolving this is that failing to replace missing teeth can damage your self esteem while making you vulnerable to a host of oral and overall health issues. Your health and happiness are important to us.

There is more than one solution. Dentures and bridges offer some relief, but they can’t adequately protect your health from tooth-loss related issues or function like real teeth. We consider that dental implants are the best solution to tooth loss because they look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.


    What Are Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are lifelong restorations used to replace missing teeth. Implants are made of three parts:

    1. The biocompatible titanium implant serves as the foundation.
    2. The abutment is the connector piece between the implant and the restoration.
    3. The crown or the restoration is the replacement for your missing natural teeth and it’s the only part of the implant that’s visible.
    Older woman with nice smile after dental implants in Sharon.

    Benefits of Dental Implants

    Dr. Agamov suggests dental implants to patients who are eligible because they have a multitude of advantages over non-implant solutions like dentures and bridges. Some of those advantages include:

    StableDental implants in Sharon are surgically placed inside your jawbone, where they fuse to the bone in a process called osseointegration. This gives your restorations a stable foundation, preventing them from falling or slipping out.
    Permanent — Your implants can last twenty years to a lifetime with proper care.
    Lifelike — Your restorations are custom made to look like natural teeth.
    Strong — Dentures can reduce bite force by up to 50 percent, but implants provide a bite force similar to your natural teeth. Better bite means better digestion, better nutrition, and a decreased risk of choking and diabetes.
    Prevents Gum Disease — Your implants seal the wounds left behind by missing teeth, which helps prevent inflammation and infection from setting in your gums.
    Prevents Misalignment — Replacing missing teeth with implants supports your other teeth and helps prevent dental shifting.
    Prevents Resorption — Your implant mimics the root of a natural tooth, sending signals to your body to regenerate bone tissue. This prevents resorption, or loss of jawbone density. Preventing resorption also preserves the shape of your face and helps prevent premature wrinkles.

    The Dental Implant Process

    Your custom-made dental implants in Sharon will be installed over just a few appointments in the course of a few months. Here’s what to expect:


    You’ll attend a consultation with Dr. Agamov where she’ll examine your mouth, review your medical history, and discuss your smile goals with you. The information Dr. Agamov gathers during your consultation will allow her to determine your eligibility for implants.

    If you’ve lost bone density due to long-term untreated tooth loss or extended denture wear, supplemental procedures such as bone grafting & sinus lifts may be necessary. These procedures can provide a more sturdy foundation to help future implants integrate successfully.

    Once Dr. Agamov has determined that you’re a candidate for dental implant surgery and all necessary supplemental procedures have been completed, we’ll schedule you for implant surgery.

    Dental Implant Surgery

    Your dental implant surgery will be overseen by Dr. Agamov. Before the procedure, we’ll apply a local anesthetic to numb the area. If you experience dental anxiety, we can offer sedation dentistry to keep you calm and relaxed during your procedure.

    Once we’ve ensured the anesthetic is working and you’re comfortable, we can begin the procedure for dental implants in Sharon. Dr. Agamov will conduct any necessary tooth extractions and make incisions in your gums where the implants will go.

    Your implants will be surgically inserted into your jawbone. You’ll return once osseointegration is complete, a process that can take up to six months depending on factors such as your body’s unique physiology.

    Custom Restoration

    For your last appointment, Dr. Agamov will attach your custom made restoration to the titanium implant with the abutment piece. You’ll be able to walk out of our Sharon, MA office the same day with a fully restored smile.

    Dr Agamov gave me a very honest appraisal of my dental situation. She provided me with my options, and actually recommended the one that was best for me in the long term, rather than the one that might have been more lucrative for her. I appreciate her honesty and her care about her patients.

    -Gary J.


    Why should I choose dental implants over non-implant dentures and bridges?

    Dental implants in Sharon are a better choice for missing teeth. Non-implant bridges are supported by nearby teeth, which have to be filled down to accommodate the bridge. This makes your previously healthy teeth misshapen and more susceptible to decay. Bridges also need to be replaced at least once or twice in your life, depending on your age.

    Dentures, partial dentures, and bridges don’t protect your jawbone from resorption. In fact, wearing dentures accelerates resorption. Over time, the loss of jawbone density leads to dentures becoming ill-fitting and more likely to slip out.

    Within five to seven years, thirty percent of patients have problems with their bridges or dentures that require them to be repaired or replaced. Since patients utilizing these methods often experience complications, bridges and dentures can cost more in the long term, especially for our younger patients.

    I like my dentures but I want a more secure fit. What can I do?

    There is more than one option for dental implants in Sharon. If you like your dentures but want more stability out of them, we recommend implant-supported dentures. Since implant-supported dentures can be made from your previous dentures, they’re usually highly affordable and you should get them back quickly.

    Your implant-supported dentures come in removable and non-removable options. With implant-supported dentures, you can enjoy some of the stability and health benefits of dental implants, while still enjoying the convenience of dentures.

    How do I care for my dental implants?

    You’ll care for your dental implants the way you care for your natural teeth. With proper dental hygiene and regular dental exams at our Sharon, MA office.

    Proper dental hygiene includes:

    • Brushing twice a day for two minutes with a soft bristled toothbrush
    • Flossing once a day preferably before bed
    • Rinsing between meals

    Your regular dental exams allow Dr. Agamov to examine your mouth and keep track of your overall oral health. Regular dental exams are vital because Dr. Agamov can detect problems and potential issues an untrained individual is likely to miss.

    Choose Dental Implants for Fuller, Stronger Smiles

    Today, dental implants in Sharon are the most effective long-term solution for replacing missing teeth and protecting your overall health. Due to their longevity, stability added protection against oral health issues, and resemblance to real teeth, Dr. Agamov recommends dental implants to patients who qualify.

    If you’re ready to restore your smile to full working order and show off your teeth again, call our Sharon, MA office or fill out our online contact form. We’ll answer all of your questions and help give you the smile you need to live your best life. Proudly serving patients from Sharon, Norwood, Mansfield, and surrounding areas!

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